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Thread: Advice for fly fishin the Sag

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    Default Advice for fly fishin the Sag

    We will be up on the haul road doing a caribou hunt the first week of September and I was planning on bringing my packable fly rod. Looking to catch whatever I can, grayling, char, etc. Will a 7 foot light action rod be enough and also, what flies should I pack along?
    Thanks for any advice, I'm very new with fly fishing and any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Hopefully someone will chime in with some advice. As I too will be hunting Caribou and fishing for grayling/char the first week of Sept along the haul road for the first time.

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    These fish know full well that ol' man winter is knocking on their door and they are trying to put on weight as quickly as they can. They are not going to be all that choosey. I think from the sounds of it your rod could indeed be a bit too light for casting larger flies like egg-sucking-leeches and the like, and for getting large fish in to hand relatively quickly. What weight line is your rod casting?

    I'd bring all sort of wet fly offerings, but knowing me I'd end up fishing dry flies anyhow just because I like to.


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    When I worked up at Kuparuk I fished the Sag quite often. Up 'til freeze up, dry's for grayling are all you need. You will have wind and when you just can' cast a dry fly, Beadhead nymphs worked very well. You say "light action". Do you mean a 4 wt. or a 7 wt. In the wind it is nice to have something with backbone like a 7 weight but when it is that windy I would rather be sitting around a campfire then trying to cast a #14 dry fly with a 4 wt. Just sayin'...


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