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    Default bone cane

    in an effort to use everything from the kill, last year i started making leg bone canes. moose, caribou, bear.
    clean em up, bleach em, get out the marrow, use wood dowels to connect em, and fill em with plaster caster.
    using bones or antlers as the handles.

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    Looks like a great cane for a GOTH or the grim reaper. Should sell well around halloween. Good looking workmanship !
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    Quote Originally Posted by becker294 View Post
    . . i started making leg bone canes.
    A little macabre, but very, very creative . . . . thanks for sharing . . not sure anyone old enough to need a cane needs such a reminder . .

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    Quote Originally Posted by brav01 View Post
    Looks like a great cane for a GOTH or the grim reaper. Should sell well around halloween. Good looking workmanship !
    I think you mean the gimp reaper.

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    I love how earthy it looks. So many people collect canes and I'm sure the uniqueness of yours would be a big hit with some collectors. I love using every part of the kill as well! With all the animals my honey traps we keep the bones, skulls, claws, teeth, fur, and then dry out the meat for pet food for things like ferrets, cats, dogs, rats, and mice. It's fun to try and find uses for things like knee caps and leg bones. You've done an awesome job of utilyzing yours. Kudos to you!

    P.S if the peice is too big to scrub out all of the marrow, try sawing them into smaller peices and using them for jewelry. It's way easier to clean out what's inside and you can use the rounded out peices for necklaces or belts. Not as manly as making a cane, but still makes a pretty cool way to show off a trophy animal.

    I even use like ptarmigan bones to make 'pirate bracelets' where you use the hollowed out bones as beads after painting them with gold nail polish.
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    interesting. How do you degrease the bones.

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    redale, try boiling them.

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