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Thread: Leupold green ring vs Nikon

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    Default Leupold green ring vs Nikon

    Trying to decide on the best value scope in 15-45x60. I am looking for under $300. I am between the Nikon Team Realtree Spotting Scope and the Leupold Green Ring Wind River Sequoia. Any first hand recomendations would be much apreciated even if it is for another brand/model. I will be backpacking mostly so weight matters. I am also looking for a good three foot tall light weight tripod that is backpackable (is that a word?)

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    If it were me I would watch ebay for either one of these 3. They are all about the same quality and go for around 250 like new. They are all 15-45x60 or 18-45x60.

    Nikon Spotter
    Bushnell/Bausch & Lomb Elite
    Burris Signature Spotter or the older model "The Spotter"


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