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Thread: Kowa TSN 77 Scope

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    Default Kowa TSN 77 Scope

    My shooting buddy evidently left his scope and scope stand at Birchwood last week.
    I'd like to think a kind shooter pciked it up to return to owner.

    Please be on the look out at the Gun shows and Craigs list and 907 etc for a Kowa scope TSN77 and a scope stand and let me know. Tan scope and tall silver with three leg base scope stand. Has a silver eyepeice lense cover and 25X EER eyepiece

    If someone ofters you one cheap, let me know. Better yet pick it up and I will reimburse you.
    If someone brags about their new scope let me know.
    This scope has been discontinued and superceded.

    I would hope someone at Bwd would realize a nice scope left out is not there for the taking and have turned it in to Bwd.

    Lots of sharks out there though.

    Thank you

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    BOLO please

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    Quote Originally Posted by allen-ak View Post
    BOLO please
    Good news a kind soul brought the scope to the office and it is returned to owner. Thank you!


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