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Thread: Carbon fiber tripods

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    Default Carbon fiber tripods

    Just wandering if anyone knows of an ultra lightweight durable spotting scope tripod source. Any info mucho appreiciado

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    I have a Manfrotto 732CY that I like. That model's discontinued but they probably replaced it with something similar. It's strong and light. The stability leaves a bit to be desired, but it's not too bad, and I think that's probably the case with any lightweight tripod and can only be fixed with weight.
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    Default These are at SW. 2.8lbs for full size.

    Look around and you can get it cheaper.



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    Last year I bought a Gitzo off eBay. Got a pretty good deal. Then I got a pistol grip head (Manfrotto).

    A little expensive, but if you count up all the money I spent on tripods over the years...I'd probably be even or ahead if I had just gotten this from the beginning.

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    I have a gitzo explorer. It's mighty expensive but worth it! I've had 5 cheaper tripods over the years and they didn't last long. Gitzo's have a lifetime waranttee and works like a charm.

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    We make our living with tripods and have owned most of the brands. The ONLY one that has held up to the beating is Gitzo. Hunting is pretty light duty compared to what we do with them though.


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