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Thread: Good Info on 3M 5200

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    Default Good Info on 3M 5200

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    Subject = [P] Marine Contact Us

    Message = I have purchased 3M 5200 marine sealant on many occasions. It is
    very frustrating when I re-open a tube that cost me over $8 and find that the
    product has cured in the top of the tube and is almost impossible to get out.
    I don't feel this should be a one-time use product. I have very carefully
    cleaned the threads and the cap and secured the cap on the tube snuggly being
    carful not to over tighten the cap.

    The result is the same. I love your product and use it on my boat, but this
    issue needs to be resolved as I can not justify purchasing additional products
    if it becomes unusable after one use.

    Hello Thomas,
    Thank you for contacting 3M Marine.
    Unfortunately, there is no way to resolve this particular issue, other than buying only what you need for a single use. That is why we sell this product in 1 oz and 3 oz squeeze tubes as well as larger packages. Once the factory seals on the packaging are broken and the product is exposed to the atmosphere, it will cure in the tube. If you go much beyond the shelf life of these products, they will eventually cure in the tube without being opened.
    This is the nature of the beast. It is a consequence of the chemistry used, and not something that we intentionally design into the product. If we were able to make changes to eliminate this issue, the resulting product would not be 5200, or anything close to 5200.
    There are a couple of methods that can help extend the open life.� � If you have access to a refrigerator that is dedicated to non-food use (do not store this product with food!), cooling this product to between 40 F and 32 F will nearly shut down the curing reaction. Packing the product in an airtight container with minimum dead airspace along with silica gel or other dessicants can also extend the open life.
    Scott S.
    3M Marine

    1988 M/Y Camargue YachtFisher
    MMSI# 338131469

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    Great product, you either love how it works so well or you hate/cuss it if trying to remove something installed with it. Good information regarding storage/life extension, thanks for posting. Maybe I will store it in my bait freezer!


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