I have boated this section a couple of times, and I came across a few clips of the run, so I salvaged enough to put together enough footage to show the run.

Hike up Crow Creek Pass Trail about 3-4 miles, you will go over a steep hill before getting above the whitewater. ( We had some grizzly trouble) A mountain slide came down and filled the river with a bunch of huge boulders, and probably damed it to an extent. The rapids are a result of the river downcutting back through this, which leaves us boaters a maze to work through, and fun whitewater.

The run is about two miles long; most rapids are class III-III+, a couple are class IV, and probably more dangerous than the rating suggests. The biggest dangers on this run is WOOD, jammed in the slots, and big flat faced rocks which can cause serious pins. A few of the drops are blind; and if a boater does not have good eddy hopping skills- bank scout or risk serious injury from hidden wood that you will not see in time to react.

Most boaters wait until the river turns blue to run this section,(late fall) it makes it less pushy which reduces wood tension drama.

I had to doctor a few clips to clean them up, it's ok