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Thread: Anyone have knowledge on Duckworth's?

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    Default Anyone have knowledge on Duckworth's?

    Okay, I have been looking to buy a 22' to 24' duckworth. All in all, I like these the most. I have looked at a really nice boat that is 22' (2003 w/ only 52 hrs on it) Cherry condition, but the down side is it only has a 351HO in her. Anyone have first hand knowledge on this motor with a 3600lb boat? Second question, any ideas on what a 1990 duckworth would be worth (Normal Alaska usage) guys around here seem to think a 27 year old boat is worth $25k to $30k? Seems a little high to me. Any insight would be great. Thanks.

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    Default Duckworths

    I have 24' Duckworth with a 460 redline. It is a very strong and well built boat. It is a 340HP motor, and I think it is fine. I top out at around 42Mph, and have excellent performance out of the hole. It is almost unlimited on how much you can carry on it with this motor.

    Feel free to PM me if you want more info.



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