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Thread: Grumman 19' for sale.

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    Default Grumman 19' for sale.

    I'm gonna sell one of my grumman freighters. Thought I'd post it here first. Your choice.

    1. 1980 model in very good condition. No dents, has a lift. $1200.

    2. I think the other is a 1982 and it's pretty banged up. It's the one I use and it works great. Also has a lift. $850.

    Also have two 15 evinrudes...will sell one for $500 but not until I sell a canoe.
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    Interested - PM sent

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    One canoe is spoken for...the other is off the market.
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    Default ya gotta love a great canoe

    No surprise. Large canoes move extremely quickly here. I was very lucky to find mine on CL, and to this day have never seen another Scott Albany for sale there, and I've looked. I always told myself that if I did, I'd buy it up quick, redo the hull paint and trim stain/varnish, and easily triple my money.... but can't find another one.

    Years ago I posted a picture on here of my canoe that was parked so far up a small creek that brush from both banks at once were touching my canoe. That's where I couldn't go any farther. But what else can make it that far? Not even an airboat.

    Plus, with today's gas prices, ya gotta love how little fuel they use.


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