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Thread: Free to good home: Broken 9' 6 wt St Croix fly rod

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    Default Free to good home: Broken 9' 6 wt St Croix fly rod

    Use the good end to beat your wife and kid with...that is unless you can give me a better suggestion and then I'll keep it for myself.

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    What model and year? St. Croix has an EXCELLENT service where you can send in a rod, broken or not and use its purchase price minus 10 or 20 dollars per year toward the price of the next higher model. If you have the entire rod I will take it off your hands.

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    Yeah, I'll take it also. I broke my St. Croix fighting a red a few years back. I sent it back and in short order had a good-as-new rod back in my hands. Their service was stellar and I'll be a St. Croix customer for life after that experience. As noted by Armo_Ak, though, the warranty depends on the model.

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    Psych! Just kidding...from what I understand St. Croix has stellar customer service, so I'll probably just send it in for a replacement (hopefully).

    (Thanks's the Premier. And Brian, that's exactly what I did.)

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    Besides, if you're gonna use one to beat a wife or kid, you'd certainly want something heavier that a 6 wt.

    Something like an old style salt water boat rod would be about right. 4 1/2 feet long, 1/2" diameter at the tip & about as much action as a broomstick.

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    Make it sting while hollerin "quit your bit^*in" at the top of your lungs.

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    Bummer on the rod! I've broken a couple Sage rods over the years and they are waranteed for life. Pay around $50 shipping and they'll send you a new tip or entire rod!


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