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Thread: Copper, high water?

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    Considering a float on an 18' cat in a couple weeks. Noticed that the flow is well above average, presently ~215k cfs plus. Will this adversely affect camp sites?

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    I did it at very high levels once. There were always places to camp but not always on river bars. I've camped on the old railroad bed a couple times as that is generally still considered state owned right of way. Many other places above the common high water mark belong to one of the native corporations. They will gladly sell you a camping permit for a reasonable price but it is hard to predict where you will be on any particular day and which native group to get your permit from. There are a number of state owned areas with free camping but you have to know where they are. Takes more planning at high water.

    At really high levels Abercrombie Rapids creates some huge waves. Well over 10' when I was there and they were crashing on top, so running them was not advisable with a boat full of gear. You can get around them on the right, but too far right will put you into the mother of all river holes. I swear she looked like she would chew on your boat through next week before spiting out the bones. Just to the right of center is the sweet spot, but the current will try every which way to drag you into the froth on the left. It's a lot of fun but be careful.

    Also, you probably know by now that one of the bridges leading out to Million Dollar Bridge is washed out and won't be repaired until next year or later. The only reasonable takeout remaining is at Flag Point. That's always been my preferred stop anyway but not everyone likes running in front of Childs Glacier in August. Likely to be lots of calving going on. Have fun and keep away from the left bank as the waves from the falling ice on the right side will try to smash you into the rocks on the left.

    Have fun!


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