Sockeye are in at Sweetheart now - they're chrome bright and average size seems to be larger too. I was down on 7/26 for the day and our party of three limited plus picked up a few more for a proxy. Water level was a bit high and fast so the average catch per throw was generally a few fish or none, but most of the four or five parties that day brought back enough fish to make the trip down worthwhile. The good news was that the pinks hadn't really showed up yet. We only caught two in the lower pool. One bear was making the rounds on the tideflats but seemed content to scrounge for cleaning scraps that had floated down.

Checking on the DIPAC hatchery site, the Taku gillnet catches are above average for the most recent 5 year average posted and are looking strong. Returns to the Speel Lake weir are just starting so the run is building and is still early. No Snettisham hatchery cost recovery was posted as of 7/29.