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Thread: Seward Chaos this weekend

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    Default Seward Chaos this weekend

    Seems like an abnormally high number of issues Seward this weekend.

    1. A boat lost power out by Junken and needed a tow in. I was surprised to hear the charter vessel Shadow offer to tow them all the way in, and ended up getting into the harbor at around 10pm. I am sure he had another charter trip the next day bright any early without much sleep or cleanup time. Good karma to him. I heard some other chatter between the other operators pondering how he got 'sucked into that' when the boat he was towing was a private boat.

    2. About the same time a 24ft bayliner lost power out by Rugged island and someone quickly offered a tow. When they came in the boat towing was about a 20' Hewes.

    3. We heard the call on the sinking boat out by 4th of July creek and responded, looking for one missing person. No one found him, but we did bring in a bunch of debris from the boat including it's fuel cell. A sad event, especially since things laid down a couple of hours after the incident and it was almost flat calm out there.

    It seems like many of the same lessons; wear a life vest, be self sufficient such as having backup power (like a kicker) and conservative on waiting on the weather.
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    Sounds like I was out there during the same time-frame as you and 'chaos' is an apt description; though (unfortunately) it wasn't entirely surprising.

    The last two or three times I have launched in Seward, there is always at least one boat who has launched, but is just sitting there -- boat won't start, can't keep it running, cowling off the engines, etc. My point is, every year when the silvers show up people show up at the dock with boats/equipment in subpar working conditions. This being their first time out (or first time in a number of years!) and thinking everything is going to run proper.

    Taking a little personal responsibility for your equipment and ensuring it is in good working order for both you and your passengers should be a given. Now I'm not saying equipment won't break down and 'stuff' does happen, but unfortunately far too often, it seems that peoples desire to get out outweighs common sense.

    And when you are on the water, as already mentioned, please use common sense and wait for weather and know your limitations and that of your watercraft.

    A shout-out should be given to all of the boaters out there that are ready to assist and to the CG as well. It's reassuring to know that should one of those 'Oh Crap' moments occur, help is out there; but please take it upon yourself to limit your exposure to these moments and make sure your vessel is in good working order and that you have backup plans ready should something amis occur.

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    Yep, lots of problems out there. We looked around for the missing person as well early saturday morning. I was kinda shocked that as many times the CG hailed for assistance for a boat in Sunny Cove that nobody responded for an entire day. We were at Bulldog Cove when my buddy`s wife came down to the back deck and told me the CG keeps calling for this boat over there but nobody is responding. I told her I`d get with Jim and see if he wanted to call it a day and cruise over there. Jim said I guess so but it will cost us another 50 gallons (58' Viking-Outa Wac) but if nobody has helped we better. We got there and there was 2 guys in a Zodiac trying to catch tour boats coming by for a ride but hadn`t been successful. We took 2 of the 6 back and fed them and charged their least then they could contact all the people that were worried about them. They were shocked that they could sit out there for 2 days with no help...even the boat anchored next to them didn`t offer a ride in or relay their situation...piss poor. We came in at around 10pm as well and that put us home at 1:30am...not really part of the plan.

    I too marvel at how many inappropriate boats go all the way to Pony to catch silvers....they get the fever and it trumps safety.

    BTW, the silvers aren`t really thick there now so fishing closer is an option for the small boats. We caught fish all the way down the coast sunday from Agnes to Calisto. Less pinks on troll spoons and we got alot of doubles of silvers on the spoons and Brad`s. The hoochies/flasher combo yielded mostly pinks.

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    A lot of well stated points here. It sometimes seems as though people just use someone else helping them as a backup plan since people are usually so willing to help.
    The situation becomes a collective boy who cries wolf. After 'rescuing' idiots weekend after weekend, people start to take calls for help less seriously. It becomes very unfortunate when the situation is life or death and another tragedy occurs.
    But to address the most important point-
    Life jackets, life jackets, life jackets!


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