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Thread: Anyone know any good public storage facility in Eagle River

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    Default Anyone know any good public storage facility in Eagle River

    Looking for a place to store my boat for the winter in a secure parking facility in Eagle River if possible. Anyone have any suggestions?


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    There is yard over by the new Catholic church in ER. Its on the other side of the highway on by the main Eagle River exit. I think its called the storage shed. I have been keeping my boat there since November of last year for $75 a month. Manager lives on site and locks the gates at night. He keeps a good eye on the place.
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    Hello, Are you relocating, remodeling, downsizing or just plain out of space. I know a place that have room for all your extra stuff. Have you heard about big door storage? This is one I know. Hope it helps

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    There's a storage area by the VCA Animal Hospital that I've seen boats stored at during the winter. Don't recall the name, but I had a storage unit there once and the security appears to be good.


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