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    Just looking for some info on crossing the Delta River south of Delta Junction near Donnelly campground. I have a cow moose tag (proxy) running Sept 1-25 but will have time only for the first week or so due to work. I've heard it's a fluctuating river with lots of braided channels. I was looking to take a 4 wheeler across but would hate to travel all the way up to find out it was too deep and have to leave it behind. Now I'm thinking about carrying my 12 foot zodiac up in the truck and walking close to the river looking for a cow. Anyone have any good intel or feel like helping get a wheeler across the river?

    Thanks - Adam

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    I made a bunch of attempts and crossings on the Delta last year...Sept is pretty tough. Lots of drowned wheelers last year- the Zodiac is a better option IMHO. The water level is very variable and the weather that time of year is usually pretty wet.

    Last year, by the time the water dropped enough to get a wheeler across safely with regularity the rut was on and the cows were all in the high country...with 12-18" of snow. Going early I'd take the raft and knock one out of the willow flats down by the river.
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