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    What type of firearm course would I need to take to get my CCW Permit? All that it says on the AK state website is, "Successfully complete an approved handgun competency course". It doesn't say a specific kind of course ie, CCW course or a beginners handgun course. Also, can anybody reccomend a instructor for this course to get my wife and myself our CCW Permits? Someone who is really patient and takes the time to go over everything. Also, what does the course cost? Thanks for the info👍

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    Itís a CCW class with a state mandated curriculum to cover and a lot of extra time to fill, 12 classroom hours (no range time) if I remember right but itís been over 10 years since I did it. As far as instructors I donít know, I have seen instructors advertise on and in the not too long ago past.

    Best bet that I know of is Matanuska Valley Sportsmenís (the indoor range club in Palmer) which has classes every couple months, next one is September 20-21, 6:30-9:30pm. Getting into hunting season so that may be the soonest one there is this time of year. Here is their link to MVS classes:
    On the web=
    Call/Text 602-315-2406
    Phoenix Arizona

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    Go here ( for answers to your questions.

    When I took the course, there was both classroom and field time/testing. I think I have heard that you can take the classroom part online now, but not 100% sure about that, then just schedule the field part at one of the available times.


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