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Thread: Grey's creek on the parks highway

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    Default Grey's creek on the parks highway

    Hey all

    I am doing the recon for my upcoming trip which will be the end of August and first part of September, we will spending a good portion of our trip along the Park's highway. Can anyone give me any information on Grey's creek? Does it have the normal compliment of fish, i.e rainbows, the various salmon species and grayling or is it not worth stopping at? Any information will be greatly appreciated.

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    ADF&G with our Alaska DOT restored the culvert that allows fish passage under the Parks Hwy a couple years ago (2010). I was working that project. The system used to have a good run of grayling. Salmon may be restored back to the upper system but returns will be far less than if it had normal fish passage all these years. My suggestion would be to pass on Grays Creek...this trip.

    I'd try Goose Creek down from the Parks, the creek down stream from 127 mile on the Parks (goes to the Chulitna, a bushwhack creek), lower Willow Creek (float from Willow Creek Resort rent rafts there), Little Willow (a floater only), Montana Creek down from the Parks Hwy. The lower Willow might be best by walking or floating. Montana Creek (walking) is still one of my favorites.

    Try Sunshine Creek near the Talkeenta Cut-off. Try the mouth of Honolulu Creek (walk in or take the train), try the mouth of Byers Creek (walk in from the Parks take your bear spray), try Troublesome creek (Parks 136 or so) from the mouth up a mile or so above the Parks bridge, watch out for bears - seriously be alert.

    The store at Montana Creek Campground has a nice selection of handtied silver salmon flies for sale. It wouldn't hurt to check out there.

    Then there is the Upper Susitna drainages - Talkeetna River - Clear Creek - Larson Creek - Sheep River and a world of sloughs off all of these. Indian River off the Upper Su by train.

    Gosh I love this place....

    Use the Sparkle Egg Sucking Leach, a chartreuse or pink cotton candy or attractor fly etc. See those threads.

    Have fun and good luck!


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