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Thread: Pextax or Leupold spotting scopt

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    Default Pextax or Leupold spotting scopt

    I've been thinking about upgrading my spotting scope to the Pentax PF-80ED or the Leupold Kenai 25-60x80 or something in the $700-$1000 range. Has anyone looked through both and can give a rating?

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    I've yet to look through a Leupold spotter that I like but so far the reviews on the Kenai are very favorable. I compared a Leupold Golden Ring 10-40x60to my Pentax PF-65ED a couple years ago in the field. I remember thinking the Leo wasn't quite as good optically. What I really remember with the Leo was that any slight change in distance required refocusing and that the focus knob was so dang touchy it was almost impossible to get focused. I hope they've made some changes in the Kenai.

    The Pentax PF line of spotting scopes is awesome. Leupold would have needed to really step it up to top the Pentax, especially in a spotter that costs $250 less than the Pentax. Typically Leupold has a tough time competing optically with others in the same price range. Leupold counts on their name to make up the difference for what they lack optically.

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    I used a Pentax PF-65ED II for years and also owned a Leupold. IMHO the Pentax is far better glass for the money, at the range I could see bullet holes much easier with the Pentax. Pentax is great glass for the money. Check out some of the bird watching forums, many use the Pentax. I only sold it to upgrade to a Swaro, because there are more digiscoping options for that spotter.

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