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    Going out of Happy valley, looking to get pointed in the right direction as I am looking for a recommendation on which of the three units I should concentrate on? 26A, 26B or 26C????

    Pluses and negative to each. Also would it be worth trying to see if putting in for one of the Moose hunts DM980 or DM981 would be worth trying to get as then I could do a combo hunt for Caribou and Moose.


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    Let the transporter do his job. He will put you in a decent place for success, but without too many other hunters around. 26A is a long flight, I believe, from Happy Valley.
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    It mostly depends on how much flight time you are willing to pay for. I've only hunted 26B the last 2 years the second week of August. 2010 had caribou all over along the upper river. 2011 we saw a total of 7 and harvested the only one we had a chance at. If it were me I'd find a drainage in the mountains and just stay there the entire time. I imagine moose will cost you another flight for the meat.


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