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    Default Homer RV Parks

    Hi, We are heading to Homer in mid August and would like some advice on which RV Parks are the best. Are there any with trees and a great view?

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    No trees at all. We stayed at the one by the fishing lagoon, it is nice with great views. The other is closer to the attractions but not as nice. The one by the lagoon can get windy. If you want to drink and such the one farther down would be better.
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    Before you come into to Homer , on top of the hill before you ascend into town there's Baycrest filling station and RV park. It has great overlook site of K-bay and the inlet and volcanoes. After you come down the big hill and into town on the right hand side you go past the Bidarka Inn motel and past the Time Bandit store and on the right there's a small RV park with some trees and such. All of the other places to stay in Homer with an RV are out on the spit, and as mentioned there are hardly any trees and it can get very windy. Anything else you need to know about Homer pm me for I live there.


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