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    Recently shot at Camp Perry, Ohio in the National Pistol Matches and at the Canton, Ohio Regional. First time for Pistol.

    Everyone needs to go to the Small Arms Firing School hosted by the AMU, shoot the NRA and the CMP matches at least once. Great times.

    Camp Perry has old WWII POW huts to rent cheap on the range.
    All the money you save for hotel can be expended a the vendors like Rock River, Springfiles, Capia, Champions Shooters (both) Sinclair etc etc.

    CMP store full of M1 Garands on site, cash and carry.

    Bob Shea was there working on High Standard Pistols, great to just stand there and watch him work.

    Shooters are assigned a relay and only have to report to the line when their relay is called each day for the 90 shot match of the day. Shoot, reset targets, leave. So, the pace is much different than Rifle Phase, which is oftern a 0600-1900 evolution.

    Nicley run, everyone is nice. They have a nice indoor pellet range as well.

    Go shoot at Camp Perry, bring a new shooter and a Junior.
    Lots to do in the area as well, Put in Bay, Johnston Islan Confederate POW graveyard, Cedar Point Amusemnt park, Lake activities....Amish country is nearby, which is fun to visit.

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    Yes it is a great experience. Good company and loads of fun. I couldn't make it this year but hope to again next year. Last year I lost my Expert pistol card.
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