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Thread: I am in Anchorage

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    Default I am in Anchorage

    Can someone steer me towards some good local streams in Anchorage. It doesn't need to be huge salmon runs, just fun fishing for trout. I don't want to go far. I am staying a little south of the airport. I am ready for some local wisdom. The more specific the better cause I am a stranger in a strange land...who wants to catch some fish.

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    power commuting twixt the valley and anchorage


    About that, I don't think Anchorage is much of a fishing destination, so much as a hub. There are some stocked lakes in the area:

    Not even sure what streams you can fish, and I spend 3-5 days a week in Anchorage. Look into ship creek. Other somewhat close moving waters are the knik river/eklutna tailrace and bird creek. The further you get from anchorage, the more opportunities you'll have.
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