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    Just a quick reminder to all that have boats with non threaded boat plugs. I was out this weekend in Kachemak bay and woke up to over a foot of water in the hull of my boat. And yes my Auto switch didn't work..... Thats another issue that will be fixed...but anyway, Long story short....I wasn't able to tell where the water was coming in till I actually got back to homer and found that my plug had not fallen out, but all the metal was gone!! so the rubber was there with like a pencil size whole through the middle of it letting the water in. Thank you to the guy that pulled my boat out at the launch ramp so I could put the new plug in. I was told by the harbor officer that this same thing happened to somebody else just the day before. I do have a slip in the harbor and I'm not sure really if it corroded or just came apart. Its just a miracle i just happened to go out on the boat when it let loose....or it may be in the bottom of the harbor ; ) anyway. Like i said......reminder 1. Auto bilge float switch working is a good thing
    2. Keep an Eye on your plug condition. Almost cost me a ton.

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    Glad you were able to take care of it before it really got to be an issue. I am always worried as well because I keep a boat in Seward. I have 2 auto bilges and I check them every time I'm there, just to make sure, plus my slip neighbor lives there so he also keeps an eye out.


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