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Thread: observations/comments from Saturday's boat dipping on Kenai

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    Default observations/comments from Saturday's boat dipping on Kenai

    Was lucky to have a co-worker and her husband take me out on their boat Saturday. Launched about 8 AM, finished about 3 PM. Two nets out, 71 fish. Everyone could have gotten their limits, but the fish were BIG. My observations and comments from what I saw:

    1) If you can't count and get too many fish on your boat, do not throw the clipped, bonked fish overboard back into the river only to have them die. At least offer them to someone else.

    2) If you run into a boat (the one I was on) and it looks like there is damage (the antenna got knocked over, but no damage done), be a man and hang around to see if everything and everyone is ok instead of just saying "oh S###" and then turning tail and running.

    3) If you are coming into the dock and can't drive a boat and run into someone else's boat, at least have the courtesy to say sorry.

    4) If the signs at the fuel dock say "for business only", and "for fuel only" (something like that) and someone needs to tie up to get fuel, get out of the way if you are just hanging around waiting for the tide to come in or are waiting on your buddies or are bringing down chinese food for your family of a bizillion that are on loading ever so slowly on your boat.

    It was a good trip and I got the fish I was after. Soldotna was a zoo and I was happy to be a part of it. Everyone on the river was in a good mood. How could you be catching fish and not be in a good mood?? Taking today off to can, smoke, and vacuum pack/freeze. Looking forward to next year.

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    yeah early saturday morning was super hot. rain sucked though

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    Thumbs up Gotta love it . . .

    You gotta think, folks, that this is exactly what native culture does and has been doing for centuries at places like the Russian River . . humanity from diverse regions coming together to harvest the bountiful, concentrated gifts of creation.

    The tradition lives . . .


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