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Thread: Outboard motor bracket for transport 4 stroke

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    Default Outboard motor bracket for transport 4 stroke

    Cartop boat transport, how to carry outboard and keep lifting to a minimum?

    Trying to find a way to transport my 81# 4 stroke outboard without tweaking my back! neat design
    for inside pickup carry. Shipping would be extreme I imagine. Easy to modify a hand cart and keep power head above prop to prevent water in oil in 4 stroke.

    Would like a way to mount a bracket for a receiver hitch, that you could tilt or swivel out of the way to allow you to access pick up canopy.any ideas or links? Or good fabricator that could make one?

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    How about something like a lifting davit with block and tackle that could be mounted to the hitch? A number of marine hardware companies make them. Maybe use one as a model?

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    I've always wanted to use my basic motor stand, but have a Tommy Gate on my pickup. A little too expensive to justify just for an outboard motor though.


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