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    Buddy of mine is wantin to sell his kifaru long hunter i believe it is...? Anyone have experience with these packs? They look of good quality and very spacious. Thanks!

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    If you're into internal frame, then they say they are good packs.
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    Great packs, well made, American company made in Co. I have 2 of the new versions and both have proven themselves over and over. Check out the Kifaru forum for more info. I'm going to stop by their place tomorrow in Co and buy a couple more game bags.

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    Awesome packs. Awesome company. They wrote the book on customer service. That will be one purchase you won't regret.

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    Ive never owned a internal frame style pack, but its likebrand new, and im gettin an awesome deal on it so im gonna do it. Thanks for the help!!

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    The long hunter is more of an internal/external frame. You can drop the pack bag off the frame and just use the frame to haul quarters just like any other pack frame if needed. I'd jump on it if the price is right.


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