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Thread: 2003 Honda Rubicon opinions needed

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    Default 2003 Honda Rubicon opinions needed

    I found a 2003 HONDA RUBICON TRX500FA for $4000. I don't know squat about the reliability of the Hondamatic transmissions. I'm a shifter type of person. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. I'm going over tomorrow to test drive the beast. It only has 1600 miles on. From the pic's it also looks like it's been blinged out with chrome stuff all over it.....

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    Default i have one

    my rubicon is very reliable. the transmission is easy and smooth . my only complaint about the machine is the location of the oil filter. ask the owner to show you where it is and you'll see what i mean.

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    Does the Rubicon have low range? There is one Honda model that has no low range. That could be an issue with heavy load, deep mud, steep terrain, etc.

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    Default ride red

    There is low range on the Rubicon, can crawl over and up most everything. I owned a Rubicon loved it, + can't beat Honda reliability. I traded up to a Rincon, although it does not have low range it is the best bike i've owned; have never had any problems cause of lack of power and low range, the throttle is your friend....One thing to remember is HOnda does not use BELTS!!

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    Default had one

    rode a rubicon for a couple of years, have 2 rincons now , no problems, do everything asked of them, hondas are bulletproof, amen to the (no belts)

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    Default Rubicon

    I live in Kotz and had a 2003 new and it was great untill the shift sensor went bad. No one up here could work on it and it had to go to Anchorage to get fixed. I say No because it is a pain in the ass to fix unless you live close, stick with the manual shift!


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    Thumbs up 2003 Honda Rubicon

    I have one...and like it. No problems... The transmission is great - sometimes I shift, others I run in automatic. On really steep hills automatic mode, the engine is a very powerful retarding brake unlike the same steep hill in shift're under much better control.

    The new models, the good improvements are 2wd/4wd, and disk brakes

    I use mine for dirt work - dragging, leveling, light dozing, log slidding, etc. My old Honda TRX300-4 (aircooled) would over heat. Rubicon doesn't even break a sweat.

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    Thanks for all the replies. This is worse than being a kid in a candy store.


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