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Thread: More Sag/Haul rd rafting questions

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    Default More Sag/Haul rd rafting questions

    Going up there for the first time this year with a raft. We are planning on floating parts of the Sag by putting in around the Ice Cut area. I was wondering what rafting north of there is like as far as difficulty? It looks to me as if the river only gets about 2miles away from the road going north right? We have four guys and were planning on taking turns rafting/driving to take-out points but was wondering if there would be any chance of catching a ride with someone after leaving a vehicle at the next spot so we could float together because we will have just one vehicle? We will be bowhunting and possibly rifle hunting. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    When I do this I put q motorcycle in the truck... You could try hitch hiking there is usually traffic. As far as difficulty... It looks fun, never floated it though.


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