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    Default Washdown Install help

    I'm going to install a washdown in a 22 Hewescraft with the extended transom. The installation seems pretty simple, but I'm alittle confused as to what Thruhull to use. I see plastic, bronze, and stainless. What would you use? Also I know I will need to use some kind of backer inside the hull. I remember seeing an installation where they used a small piece of marine plywood. Would the use of one of the synthetic like SeaBoard be ok?


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    I used the factory plastic thru-hull on my Hewes that they used to drain the front fish box. They didn't use any backing plate. You have to be careful about disimilar metals on boats due to electrolisis.

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    Default i used bronze or brass

    for mine. no backing just use 5100 and stainless screws and screw to boat. i then ran the hose to where i needed it, used another through hull, from Alaska rubber supply, also bronze or brass. it has female threads on the outside and then i plumbed in a quick disconnect to that and the hose for wash down. OH don't forget your seacock where your first through hull comes in. i did mine by the boat drain on the transome. you want a valve there so you can shut it if you get a leak or pump breaks. Most of my stuff i got at westmarine. the brass has turned color of course but have not noticed any electrolisis. I also chose brass for its strength. plastic could break and never seen a stainless one i don't think. the brass one i chose had slots in it to help filter out the big stuff. then your inline filter should go by your seacock, so you can reack both easily.


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