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Thread: AR-15 Rifle Quiz!

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    Default AR-15 Rifle Quiz!

    AR-15 Rifle Quiz

    I am semi-retired and I am taking a self-passed and self-taught Firearms Armorers course. I have covered over 25 different firearms in this course and now I am on the AR-15 Rifle course which is my last firearm in this Firearm Armorers course.

    I hope to become a part-time light Gunsmith in the future. I am now working part-time with a Gunsmith that has over 40 years’ experience. I have my CHL and my FFL.

    There are many questions covering this firearm and I have answered them to the best of my ability but during my study and research I am having some problems with this quiz. Either I am not sure of the correct answer or I have conflicting answers.

    I need to get 85% of the questions correct.

    Can you help me
    determine the correct answers for this quiz? Please correct my wrong answers!Thanks for your help.

    37. How does the magazine catch come out of the receiver?
    a) It unscrews
    b) It is driven out with a punch
    c) You must compress the magazine button and press the pivot bushing out of the receiver
    d) It does not come out, as it is integral with the receiver

    38. The bolt catch is held in the receiver by one roll pin -True or False?

    39. The bottom of the trigger guard opens for what purpose?
    a) To facilitate easy field stripping
    b) To act as a monopod for accurate shooting
    c) To accommodate a gloved shooter
    d) To release the trigger group for further disassembly

    40. The bottom latch on the trigger guard can be opened with a 5.56mm cartridge - True or False?

    41. The' carrier key is machined to be integral with the bolt carrier and cannot be taken apart - True or False?

    42. The firing pin retaining pin is merely a cotter key (or pin) and can be easily replaced with any other cotter pin as long as it is the same length and diameter - True or False?

    43. The bolt needs to come out of the bolt carrier before the cam pin does - True or False?

    44. How many gas rings are on the bolt?
    a) 1
    b) 2
    c) 3
    d) 4

    45. Short cycling can occur if the gas rings are too loose - True or False?

    46. The ejector and the extractor are held in place in/on the bolt by the same roll pin - True or False?

    47. The ejector is spring loaded - True or False?

    48. When reassembling the bolt carrier assembly, the firing pin must go into the bolt before the cam pin does - True or False?

    49. The best spec for firing pin protrusion is between
    a) .018" and .035"
    b) .040" and .050"
    c) .050" and .065"

    50. The trigger pin goes through the trigger and the
    a) disconnector
    b) hammer
    c) spacer weight
    d) rear of the magazine catch

    51. The groove in the takedown pin should face what direction when it goes back into the receiver?
    a) Towards the top
    b) Towards the bottom
    c) Towards the front
    d) Towards the rear

    52. When putting the gas tube back in the upper receiver, which end does the gas tube need to go into first?
    a) The receiver end
    b) The front sight end

    53. The side of the gas tube that is plugged must reside in the receiver - True or False?

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    Looks to be all correct.
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    Looks good to me too.

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    I have built several ar15 rifles and just checked with a buddy i work with that is an armor for all military weapons and you are spot on for that quiz.

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    Who are you taking your course through? Im a small arms repairer in the army and was thinking about doing a gunsmithing school.


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