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Thread: Cleaning up our act.

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    Default Cleaning up our act.

    I was down at Kasilof yesterday for a pretty unproductive day of dipnetting, but I at least came home with 12, so did better than many, though I sure had to work for what I got. I was very gratified to see that at least on the shore, things were pretty clean so far this year. Thank you all for not trashing this rusource. I well remember only a couple of years ago going down there it was like taking a tour of the inside of a dumpster and disgusting. At least up to yesterday it looked remarkably better. Thanks folks for doing a great job so far this season. Please remember, haul it in, haul it out, at least to the dumpster. Please also remember to remind people to clean up after themselves and not leave a mess, but not to the point of getting into fights. It just takes a minute to do a little cleaning up after the slobs and if they see you doing it, maybe it will shame them into not doing it again. The key is keeping on top of it. Hopefully, Kenai and Chitina are also being looked after the way they should. GOOD JOB ! Keep up the good work.

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    Did you head up into the sea grass area? That is where the disguistingness lies. I understand needing to drop a load, but can't figure out why people can't first dig a cathole. Cripes. I mean, I have a tough enough time dealing with accidentilly stepping in dog poo. Human is a completely different story.


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