I just returned from my first Red fishing trip on the Gulkana in about 10 days or so. Its nice to have lots of gear/toys but finding the time for my own trips rather than my clients is tough many times.

My son and I tossed in yesterday afternoon after picking up a family at the bridge. We saw lots of fins in the water and decided it was time! We put in at Sailors Pit about 4pm and I limited out on the first hole we stopped at. When I say the fish were stacked up I mean that they are line as they pushed through the tighter rapids to the point you could see them leaping over each other as they moved up stream. Check the fish counter in 4-5 days and I bet we will see a huge spike in the numbers blasting past the tower above Sourdough.

My tip of the day is if you can get to the Gulkana in the next 2-3 days, do it. The guys at the bridge were doing well to, there are easy fish to be had even without a raft.

Paxon-Sourdough: We have a number of groups staggered on the upper section and all are reporting that the Rainbow fishing at and below the canyon is good. Water levels are near normal levels and even the West Fork has cleaned up making fishing mush better. Lots of good Red fishing as well in the upper section but the fish are very bright above the pipeline. I picked up a group on Tuesday and the biggest complain was they had a tough time hooking Rainbows because they could not keep the Grayling off of their flies.

Lots of summer left and the fishing is good!

See ya on the river boys!

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