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Thread: Help an old guy hunt solo in an unfamiliar area (GMU 12)

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    Default Help an old guy hunt solo in an unfamiliar area (GMU 12)

    Folks, I am not asking for coordinates to your personal honey hole; I am asking for some general suggestions from someone who is familiar with the area I want to hunt. I am thinking maybe near Island Lake or a short way up Gardiner Creek. That is north of the Alaska Highway and between Northway Junction and the Yukon border.

    I am 65 and will have to pack anything I kill by myself. I prefer to hunt close to my transportation. I do not wish to kill a moose much more than one mile from my boat or from my truck. I know that limits my options but those are my self-imposed limitations. Packing or dragging a heavy load through a bog no longer appeals to me.

    I chose this area because that is an any bull area and I hunt for meat and don't care about antlers. The reason I am going to an unfamiliar area to hunt is because my wife and I won a lottery slot to drive into Denali NP and I want to take the opportunity to hunt as we travel from our home in Haines to the interior. Our date to drive the park is 14 Sept. I'll have five days to hunt (Sept 8-12). Meat care will not be a problem as I will pull a small enclosed trailer with cooler and generator. I have a small boat (Alaska Jet Ranger) with outboard to get me away from the highway but plan to return to our truck every night to sleep.

    Any first hand information about the area (topography, hunting pressure, attitude of the locals, etc.) will be appreciated, as would any suggestions about other areas that would suit my situation.

    Thanks and best wishes,

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    I've walked both sides of Gardiner creek on the north side of the highway in '04. I don't see you boating it. Plus there was a fire that year and probably added a bunch of blowdown to the rest of the trees across it. Also know a local that has tried the south side and it was clogged with log jams. Never been around Island lake. Out of towners have had their fair share of trouble closer to Northway over the years.

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