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Thread: Any Luck Lately?

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    Default Any Luck Lately?

    Anyone catching any late season monsters through the ice. If so point me in a good direction to go.

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    Default big lake

    fished big lake yesterday for about an hour... caught a real nice char ~24 inches and fat! my buddy lost a big burbot - right as it was coming out of the hole the hook popped out. We also lost a few other fish we never saw. I had to leave after only an hour, but he stayed, then called me later saying he landed a "27-28 inch" char. It wasn't like we were pulling them up right and left, but the fish we did catch and/or see were real nice fish.

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    Default Sand Lake Today

    Just got back from sand lake. Caught a 28" Char with a girth of 15 inches. My fish calculator said it was about 7 Pounds. It was a monster. The first time it went under the whole it grabbed my autzkie eggs and snapped my 4 pound line. I had just put 10 pound stren ice line on another pole so I dropped that down with a silver/orange krocodile on the end. I ended up catching 5 rainbows, 10-16 inches. 8 Char largest was 28 inches, second was a nice fat 20 incher. Others were 12-14 inches. I caught all the fish in 2 feet of water and from the same hole. Good luck, they are all still out there.


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