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Thread: 1895 winchester carbine 30-06

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    Default 1895 winchester carbine 30-06

    Hi guys, I just put a deposit down on one of these, it's the 2006 anniversary modal, does anyone have any experience with these, worth the money or did I make a mistake?
    Thanks Erik

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    Nice guns, I've been eyeing one myself. My only complaint is the sights, they just don't work with my eyes. Luckily Providence tool makes a good repro of the old Lyman 21. The Providence repro is a little spendy but not nearly so much as an original, if you can find one. I think those guns are D&T for a Williams peep, but to my eye nothing can beat the old Lyman, 21s and Win95s just belong together.
    On a side note my desire for a 95 was sparked a couple years ago when I rebarreled one to 35 Whelen, and set it up with an NECG banded front ramp, peep rear, red Pachmyer, and triggerjob. I instantly fell in love and have been wanting one ever since.

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    Worth the bucks no question!
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    I went to the store today to check it out. The shop got it from a guy so they told me it was used, so for $1099 I jumped on it . There are two things that immediately caught my eye, How nice the wood was and how smooth it cycled.I have a 1894 marlin that dosnt cycle as smooth and it's practically brand new. I checked the breech, I think it was only fired at the factory, theres a single brass ring in the chamber the guns mint. Iv never seen new ones go for under $1400 so im happy I put the deposit down. I looked at the butt stock with the steel plate and im wondering if my shoulders gonna approve lol. I am very interested in getting the sight you mentioned but I will probably wait as someone told me you have to remove the saddle ring.

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    I have a rifle version. I didn't like the sights either. I had a apeture type sight installed with a new glowing-bead type of front sight by Arctic Gunworks. A big improvement, but not quite the solution I wanted as the front sight's glowing "bead" broke. I had another receiver-mounted sight installed at Gunsdownunder with a standard bead front. Much better. I shoot 220gr. Core Lokts. It kicks harder than a bolt action on account of the stock design. I also had a recoil pad added and a trigger job. As a side note, I highly recommed Doug, the former gunsmith from Downunder, now in practice for himself.

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    I shoot better with irons, I never really fully learned how to use a scope. Although I know the basics, how to set it, windage, accounting for drop. I like irons plain and simple and with some guns ill do like a scope sight in at 25 and move back. Now someone told me t put a lyman 21 you have to remove the saddle ring. Now im not sure but thats what I was told and id prefer not to although ill end up doing in eventually.
    I do know that steel butt plate is gonna kill my sholder


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