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Thread: Kenai Campsites reserved with no one there?

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    Default Kenai Campsites reserved with no one there?

    Last year (I think it was last year) there was a thread here about how some people would reserve a campsites for an entire month during the Red run. They would just show up on the weekends and would leave a chair or something during the week just to let others know it is already taken.

    A lot of people got annoyed with this but thats not why Im posting.

    I figure since this is a very busy site, maybe those looking for a campsite could post in this thread and someone who has booked for several weeks, could tell them which site, and offer a couple of days when it will be available? (Via PM of course).

    This way, instead of having a chair sitting on an empty campsite during the busy season, there could be a few drunk fishermen sitting there talking about how they are so happy they found this forum.

    anywhoo. Im one of those fishermen looking for a campsite on the river. So if you got one with nothing but a chair sitting there, PM me. I like fishing during the week. and weekends. whenever.

    To the mods, I hope its ok to start this thread.

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    I'll be on the river somewhere Thursday to Sunday. Set up to raft/camp on the river the entire time but it would be nice to socialize with a few folks in the Russian River Campground, but, she's packed.
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