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Thread: Ruger New Model Blackhawk Conversion .38-40/ 10mm Mods

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    Default Ruger New Model Blackhawk Conversion .38-40/ 10mm Mods

    Well it has started! Since the darn thing has not sold and I am 10mm fan, I figured I would start making the gun fit me. Finally tracked the Hogue Grips for the New model blackhawk. What gave me fits were the markings under the grips on the frame. The overall shape of the frame was what similar to what I was seeing online, but not exact to any one model, either blackhwaks from old or new models or vaquero frames. Seemed like a bit of both kinda. Might post pics of mine, for those who might have the same trouble I did going by product description on brownells and such. I finally called ruger, got the year of my gun and when to their store, Same exact model other websites but it said it fits all XR3 frames, just not OLD models which were from the 70's and earlier. They were an exact fit!
    The pics show the gun with grips by itself and then with factory wood grips, no pics on the net like this so figured I would post! Feels great. Cowboy shooters or whoever may not like, but I do! My new bear gun! Will take it out on my next hunt for sure. Just gotta hit range and see what she can do exactly. Then figure out front sight mod. I think I will get a taller front, have it milled down, then put a glock 20 True Glo TFO on it somehow. But that is all to to be dertermined.
    Read about people having a gun smith mill the front sight base with dove tail once post itself is milled off. Good chunk of metal there and saves from refinishing the gun.
    Which is my next idea, getting it camo dipped or some kinda patern anyway, or creocoat or however its spelled, or have it sprayed with duracoat.

    Anything I am missing or sugestions? Besides I should have just got a .41mag! Piss on that, I wanted the rare Ruger 10mm!
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