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Thread: Motor selection for 19ft... Opinions? Advice?

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    Exclamation Motor selection for 19ft... Opinions? Advice?

    Thinking about purchasing a 19ft Glasply and currently have a 25h 4-stroke that I use on my small boat.... I was planning on using it as a kicker, etc. on this 19 ft one.

    So my question is, what size should I be using for a main OB on this? Could I exclusively troll close to shore on the 25h without causing damage to it? What about the logistics of going to/from harbor on the 25h?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated... I need some seasoned boater's help! Thank you!

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    25 hp might be excessive as a kicker for that boat. It will definitely get you to where you wanna go in a hurry, but a 10 - 15 hp would be more appropriate. As for the main outboard, i would say somewhere aroung 150, but the yellow tag on the boat would be your go by for the main motor power rating (the boat can only take so much)....


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