We headed to Tangle Lakes for some fishing, so I had to throw in an extra angle on the trip. I had never boated Rock Creek so I planned on running the whole thing while we were in the area. The water was lower than I expected, so I had to settle for the lower section, and simple reasoning told me the creek had its name for a reason.

The rest of the gang said their goodbyes, at the bridge where the creek crosses the Denali Highway, then headed down to launch at the the lake by the road, two miles away, and meet me where Rock Creek dumps into the lake.

At lower water it's bumpy, however, at higher water the creek would be fun for many boaters, strait forward-ish, no wood, but continuous class II-III.

The creek is also full of greyling near the mouth, and the fishing is usually good were it dumps into the lake.

Here's a short clip of the trip, with a couple of humorous moments included.