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    I have been reading recent posts about water filtering. I noticed a lot of people using the MSR waterworks, and the Sweetwater, but not much about the Miox. It costs a little more, but weighs only 8 oz with the kit, and it seems real easy to use. Which one do you think I should get? Price isn't an issue; I just want a dependable, light weight and, easy to use unit.

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    Default Msr Miox

    I bought the MSR MIOX last year to take with on a goat hunting trip. I ended up going on 4 goat hunting trips and never broke it out of my pack. Maybe it was my lack of knowledge, but from what I gathered, you basically need to get a decent sized container, fill it with water and use the MIOX to chemically treat the water. This all would be great if you were using it at a base camp. I found that most of the time we needed water while hiking at the top of the mountain though. My buddies that were with me had the MSR Waterworks. When we got low on water, we dropped it in the little streams and we filled our containers with water. When the local sporting goods store had their last sale, I went and invested in the waterworks myself. I used it this weekend on a bear hunt, already have more use out of it than I have with my miox. Go with a pump vice the MIOX, in my opinion.

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    I just found a great site about the miox:
    This site has alot of good information. If you have any concerns or questions about the miox this should answer them.

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    I love mine. Its small and easy to use. I carry two water containers one that I am drinking and one that is being treated but I am a water hog. The water has never tasted better in my opinion. The only issue that I can think of is if the water has a lot of debris you might want a way to pre filter it.

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    I am not real impressed with mine. It works fine on a quart by quart basis but for getting a quantity of water purified it is problematic. Also it goes through batteries pretty fast. I use it as a take along back up purifier and rely on my water works for most of my water. If I didn't own one I wouldn't buy one.


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