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Thread: Kenai and Kasilof River Salmon Escapement Charts: July, 2012

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    Default Kenai and Kasilof River Salmon Escapement Charts: July, 2012

    Now includes:

    1. Moon Phases
    2. UCI Comm Openings
    3. UCI Comm Harvest Totals by day
    4. Kenai Historical Escapement 1991-2011
    5. Kenai Current Escapement
    6. Kenai Cumulative Escapement
    7. Kasilof Historical Escapement 1991-2011
    8. Kasilof Current Escapement
    9. Kasilof Cumulative Escapement
    10. Offshore Test Fishery: Anchor Point
    11. Offshore Test Fishery: North Kalgin Island
    12. Tides
    13. Links for all of the appropriate data.
    14. Kenai Weather

    I'd put a web cam on there of all the action if I could, but there aren't any available.

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    Now with link to OTF maps that open in a new tab.

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    Did not open. I was able to look at the OTF maps, showing locations, then the tide chart by deleting otfmaps.htm from the URL, but the main link just opens to a blank window. I tried Compatibility View with no effect.

    AK Chappy

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    Refresh/reload the page and let me know if it's OK.

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    Works for me on Firefox and IE if it matters.

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    Roger that. Sometimes when I update the page refresh it immediately, it comes up blank until I reload it again. I put a 5 second refresh script on it as well.


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