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Thread: Has anyone treid to make homesteader honey with clover blossoms and fireweed?

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    Default Has anyone treid to make homesteader honey with clover blossoms and fireweed?

    Hi! I have always wanted to try making homesteader honey. the last few years I was working too much and by the time I htought on it again it was too late in the summer.
    I have a few questions though, maybe because the recipes I have found seem too simple. What kind of clover so I use? There are lower bush white ones, and they can sometimes turn pink. Then there are a higher bush one that seem more purple. Also, it says to use a certain number of blossoms of fireweed. When I made fireweed jelly it called for several cups of fireweed, so I was curious if it was individual blossoms from one fireweed stalk or all the flowerd on one stalk considered on blossom????
    I read some other things about crystalization so I am going to get a candy thermometer.
    Any tips would be much appreciated!

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    Just saw this on a cooking show on TV last night. If I remember right, she took 6 cups white sugar, 3 cups water, heated until a syrup. She added about a cup or two of white clover blossoms, about 2 cups red clover blossoms, and about 1/2 cup to a cup of fireweed blossoms. The fireweed looked like it was the individual blossoms taken off the stalk.

    That all simmered for a while although I forget how long. Then she strained out the blossoms and then jarred the "honey" in a boiling water bath. She said the ingredient amounts were variable to suit your taste.

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    NRick's posted reciepe is very similiar to the one my fiancee uses. I know she does use powdered Alum in hers. Once they ran out of the Alum and it got very hard in the jars and had to be chipped out.Yes i believe it is just individual blossoms. And I dont think it matters which clover you use.
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    We follow the directions for fireweed honey out of the brown book "Cooking Alaskan". works great.

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    Make sure you use the candy thermometer. My wife made three batches last year and it didn't really turn out until the third one when she finally figured out the correct temp.

    We used the lowbrush clover but by the third batch I don't think my wife even used any. They seem to influence color more than anything...

    checkout and go to the company info link for another recipe.

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