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Thread: Fishing Fairbanks, pinks in Valdez, Grayling Tangle

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    Default Fishing Fairbanks, pinks in Valdez, Grayling Tangle

    Web access regained today as we arrived in Fairbanks. Although late news took some of the info gained here and did the Valdez Pinks for two days. Plenty of fish on low tide, a lot of fun thanks for the info. Spent a day along the Denali catching Grayling with spinning gear thanks to a nice guy who gave me a clue on the how to. Swapped him a load of pink filets for the info. Good Deal! Now we are in Fairbanks and other than looking for a laundry the next two days are rather open. Thinking about heading out along the Chena looking for more grayling action. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks....

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    I would hit the Upper Chena on Chena Hot Springs Road, throw some dry flies and watch the grayling feast! If you dont have a fly rod, a ultra light spinning rod and small mepps work just as well.

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    search the fly fishing section for mile markers to go by and fish. Just anywhere on the upper should be good small spinners flys ect. Glad you had fun we went up to valdez on monday and it was a dead fishery.. seiners got them for those few days. When did you go up? Glad to see the fish are coming back in for the kids derby
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    Back in Fairbanks did the Chena near but apparently not up the river far enough to find the Grayling feasting. Did find a few near Tors camp this morning. Headed south thinking about stopping in Wasilla any info on fishing near there?

    Valdez was pretty good on Tuesday pm and Weds morning. Weds morning was easy during low tide, few fisherman and plenty of fish. Side note: spent a hour or so in Valdez ER Tuesday night brother sunk a Pixie in web of right hand.

    Again thanks for the help guys!

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    Where did you guys go for the grayling on the Denali Highway?

    Many people down there? I just love that stretch of road!

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    Default Grayling

    We were at the campground at Tangle Lakes I think it was about 25 miles from the eastern entrance at Paxsom. The creek along the camp grounds had fish scattered throughout. Almost every cast with spinning gear float and fly. For a new guy totally clueless it was a blast.


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