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Thread: Cabela's Micro Pack rain gear

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    Default Cabela's Micro Pack rain gear

    Anyone use these rain suits? I am looking for a light weight backcountry rainsuit that will double as a windbreaker if needed. Just curious how welll these hold up before I drop a hundred bucks! Also any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I haven't used them. But I was looking for rain gear for Alaska also. I was told that Henley Hasson Impertech was what everyone used here. I bought a set and paid around $66.00 for the set of bibs and deluxe jacket. That included shipping. They also suggested Peter Storm and there was another but I can not remember the name of them.

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    Default Cabelas

    The Cabelas lightweight rain suits get torn up very easily in brush. I have a pair of pants on a sheet hunt last fall that lasted about 1/2 a day.

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    I've used Cabela's Ultrapack, which is probably similar. I used them during a 6-day offtrail hike last summer and thought they performed well; they kept me dry through rain and wet brush and breathed well when I needed a windbreaker. They survived several days of bushwacking while only suffering a minor rip that happened when I crawled over a log with sharp knots. They're tougher than some of the cheaper nylon raingear I've tried but not as tough as old fashioned Hellys. I recommend them as a set of good, light hiking raingear, but I keep a set of tougher raingear around for when I go out to cut firewood.


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