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Thread: Granite Creek at HIGH WATER!

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    Default Granite Creek at HIGH WATER!

    Here is the video of Owen and I running Granite Creek. After hiking in we were not about to walk out so we put in an gave it our all. Owen took a nasty swim early and from there had a clean but conservative run. I popped my skirt and broke my paddle after getting it stuck in a rock. When I went to pull out to dump water the fast current took the boat and the chase began...


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    Dude you musta been tuckered and jacked after that run!!! Lots of paddling and in intense whitewater for sure!!!! Mad props to running those last rapids "Pocahontas" style with just one paddle!! Just around the river bend......

    Another great video for sure. Won't catch me on that creek any time soon, especially at high water...yikes.

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    Holy COW! That is pretty intense and FAST action. I might had done that before I had a couple kids... That looks amazing. I'm glad you guys were ok after the swim and carnage.


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