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    Default squirrel river float

    a buddy and i will be doing a fly in float hunt for moose/caribou on the upper squirrel river this year. flying out of kiana the 6th of sept and heading as far upriver as water depths will allow and floating back to kiana and taking out the 18th or 19th. hopefully will get at least as far upriver as the north fork. we realize there may only be 50 or so miles of river to hunt if the water is low, so we are bringing an inflatable canoe along with my 16ft kodiak nrs so that we may hike up the side drainages and float back to mainstem for additional hunting. any opinions on side drainages we should hunt or areas we should focus on? both of us are in good shape and love to hike. also is there much of a chance there will be enough water to get farther upriver than the north fork? any and all opinions will be appreciated! thanks in advance

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    I have floated it many times as well as I have sent a number of clients up there as well. What are your dates? Understand the Squirrel is over used during Sept as many flight operators hammer it because it is close to Kotz. The Squirrel is also very rain dependent in the fall and the North Fork can be too shallow to float without rain. If you bag an animal it can be a nasty raft drag without rain.

    If you need any info give me a call at 907-822-4290, thats my old stomping ground and I know it well.

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