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Thread: Seward Halibut Charter Rec

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    Default Seward Halibut Charter Rec

    Looking for a recommendation for a halibut charter out of Seward. Thanks for any info.

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    Our boats are all pretty full for the next few weeks as are the boys are pro fish n sea......Try Semaka Charters, Glacier charters, AK Summertime, Puffin/Alaska Coastal. They are all solid choices and are experienced enough to put you on fish. Most of the established guides are pretty booked up this time of year, so it may well take a few phone calls to find a charter.

    I would call around and try to fish with a captain who has years of experience here. Fishing in Seward this year is a little tougher than years past and having good local knowledge is very important this year. There are a bunch of boats here this year from our of town and they just have not been fishing here very long. I would suggest sticking with one of the locals if you can.

    Good luck and have fun!


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