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Thread: Ling length to weight conversion table?

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    Default Ling length to weight conversion table?

    I know there's a halibut length to weight conversion table, and "Fishnphysician's" king salmon formula for finding the weight of a Kenai king, but does anyone know of a ling length to weight conversion table?

    Maybe it would be too difficult to find a correct ratio since they always seem to have a stomach that's a LOT bigger than their gargantuan mouth.

    I found an article ( saying the world record was 82.6 lbs., but only 55 inches long. Three of the five we caught yesterday were over 50 inches ( in the pic from l to r, 50", 54" and 56"), but just 43 lbs., 51 lbs. and 58 lbs. respectively:
    big lings 7-10-12.JPG
    If the world record was 82 lbs. and 55" it sure would have to have been really fat to weigh THAT much.
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    I saw the mount of the record Ling at the Sportsman's show a couple on years ago. It was FAT, not sure I could get my arms around it, oh and it looked like it could swallow a basketball.

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    The best ling I've caught was 44" and 38#. A buddy on Kodiak claims there is a 50/50 match with lings i.e. 50" 50#'s Considering how voracious lings are, a full stomach can add 5-10#'s.

    BTW, nice fish!
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