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Thread: New Scope for 7mm for $300 or less...

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    Default New Scope for 7mm for $300 or less...

    I've been reading a lot of reviews on the Nikon Buckmaster, the Leupold VX-II, and the Vortex Diamondback. I've personally looked through both the Buckmaster and Leupold in the field on separate occasions and in the store side by side. I have not looked through the Vortex Diamondback.

    Right now, I'd love to buy the Leupold but with rings its over my price range by just a smudge unless I can find a used one that is a VX-II. I love the price of the Diamondback and Buckmaster. When comparing specs and the reviews/comparisons I've read online, the Diamond back is the current favorite over the Buckmaster.

    I've read that the Diamondback is hands down a better scope than the VXII! Has anyone ever been able to compare the Diamondback to the VX-II? Because if there is minimal difference other than being American-made I may have to go with the Diamondback due the budget constrictions.

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    Leupold makes a great scope but you're paying a lot for the name and warranty. Leupold used to be the leader because they had one of the best warranties in the market but now most reputable brands have lifetime warranties. Nikon or Vortex is going to give you better glass and features for the same price, along with a lifetime warranty. I have a VX-II but have not compared it to a Diamondback. I would be fairly confident the Diamondback would be comparable to the VX-II optically.


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