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Thread: Found Golden Retriever near Tern Lake

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    Default Found Golden Retriever near Tern Lake

    A friend of mine found a golden retriever on Sunday near Tern Lake (by the junction of the Seward and Sterling Highways). According to him, the dog had some wounds and injuries that seem consistent with it falling out of the back of a truck. If anyone has any leads, let me know and I'll pass it along. They've posted on Craigslist and in the ADN to no avail.

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    Maybe they found yellow dog and if they take it back up to the lake they will be lead on an exciting adventure deep into the back country so that they can arrive just in time to rescue it's owner stranded and injured hanging onto life by a thread! I can already see the articles, books and life-time made for tv movie!

    Sorry to joke, I do hope that the pup is reunited with it's owner and that something other than carelessness or disregard is shown to be the cause of the situation.


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